Siege of the laser castle by the armies of dawn

The zombies retreat from the piercing assault of the sun rising over the mountains. Another victory and another defeat is taken by both sides. Balance is maintained in the chaos.

64 megapixels
Pentax DA Fisheye 10mm
42 megapixels
10mm Fisheye 30s + 8s f3.5 1600iso

First Light

Dawn of the last day of Shambhala people wearily make their way back to their places of sleep.

100 megapixels
10mm Fisheye

Dawn Of The Replacement Chai Walla

As the sun begins to rise and the dance floor gradually empties, a lone drunken guardian serves chai to all that remain.

42 megapixels
10mm Fisheye Stoner Powers

5 day timelapse at Shambhala

We helped set up the Labyrinth stage at Shambhala 2009. This is a timelapse of the mad rush in the couple of days before the event and the crazy party that insued. Special thanks goes out to our surrogate brother Adham Shaikh for the use of his track.