These abandoned shacks are the antithesis of the lost praire dreams.

110 megapixels
28mm Super Takumar

100 years

In July 2010, Barons, Alberta held their 100th anniversary celebration. Our great-grandfather opened the first, and only, general store in the small town. Our father's side of the family decided it would be a perfect opportunity to get together for a reunion. After a day of getting reacquainted with family and this significant place from our past, we watched the sunset beside the remaining grain elevators that made Barons legendary in the prairies.

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Alberta Wind Farm

In the same way in which the spinning giants depicted in the panorama reuse the wind's energy for electricity, we have created this piece using materials that would have otherwise been discarded. We have made an an effort to re-examine energy use by repurposing dozens of used brass frames to fragment one image of the world, creating multiple perspectives of the same landscape.

Alberta Wind Farm is currently on display at Science World in Downtown Vancouver.

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