Lac Des Arc

Ten thousand pictures, or a million words, couldn't capture the full essence of this sunset.

106 megapixels

City Retreat

The city starts to glow as the sun goes down.

112 megapixels

Trout Puddle

Although this location is named Trout Lake there is no river running in or out of it. We call it Trout Puddle instead.

407 megapixels

Jumping Pound Road

Calm cows graze on a farm at the corner of Jumping Pound Road and the Trans-Canada Highway.

99 megapixels

Cloudy Keremeos Mountains

The mountains wrap themselves in a blanket of clouds while the sun sets.

129 megapixels
38 images 1/30 s ISO 100

For Sale

The sun goes to sleep in this sleepy town.

35 megapixels